[urq] Mac 02 repair - How to.

Gary Erickson gary at rainymountain.com
Wed Feb 28 21:40:52 EST 2007

Steve Eiche wrote:

> EPROMs.  The ancient 2532s are long NLA.

Not entirely true -- I purchased a new NTE-branded 2532 as recently as 
three years ago and as of Jan 2007, it still shows as an available product.

If anybody has been trying to hunt these down and not having much luck, 
let me know.  The shop where I got mine is just down the street from my 
office and I can easily check on stock or availability.

In my case it was handy to have more than one chip because then I didn't 
have to re-burn it every couple of years to pass the emissions testing. 
  The code needed some tweaking to get the Abt cam past DEQ testing that 
didn't overall agree with daily driving.



'83 urq, #056

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