[urq] UPG in 2008

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 12:21:07 PDT 2007

I just did a little map plotting of Mid America Motorplex in Pacific
Junction, IA (several miles south of Omaha) and Heartland Park of
Topeka, KS.

Ironically, these two venues are within 150 miles of each other, with
Heartland being situated due south of MAM.

Realistically these can be considered equally & alternately as a
central location.

I was trying to think of where all the urq's are/would be coming from...

I know of one in TN that would likely want to attend.  I think there
might be a couple in TX.  I'm trying to remember if there are any in
Southern California, but can't seem to recall any.  Phoenix?

The ones I am fairly sure of are the Bay Area, the NW and the NE,
including parts of Canada and extending down the eastern seaboard a
ways, and of course, Chicago, Michigan, MN, and last but not least,

My goal is to identify a place that will accommodate those farthest
away without leaving anyone out.

Personally I'm leaning toward the Mid America Motorplex, though I
don't know why.

However, based on that, here is how far it is from various locations
that people may be coming from or nearly so...

1730 miles from Seattle
1470 miles from Quebec
1680 miles from San Francisco
1630 miles from San Diego
1630 miles from Miami
1470 miles from Phoenix
1250 miles from NYC
1150 miles from DC
960 miles from Atlanta
880 miles from Houston
740 miles from Detroit
630 miles from Colorado Springs
560 miles from Denver
475 miles from Chicago
380 miles from Minneapolis

I'm not overly familiar with the greater Omaha or Topeka areas, but
Omaha is situated along the Missouri River and river valleys typically
involve some hilly terrain which usually means some twisty roads.  So
that may constitute another element of interest of this venue over
Topeka in terms of an interesting day drive while there.


On 9/7/07, James Bufkin <jbufkin at austin.rr.com> wrote:
> Kansas City has some track events and its pretty central,and I think its
> the best chance we have.  Or alternatively, We can do Texas!
> If its within 1 day 1 way, I'm in.     Track event not necessary, but I
> think with this much driving for everyone it should have some other shit
> going on.
> James
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