[urq] Oil cooler lines : replacement from Aeroquip

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I've done a couple dozen oil coolers into the urq/urS/200/vw's over the years...  A couple of comments.  First, if going this route, a bigger oil cooler (19row) fits exactly where the stock aux rad goes on an urq - btdt on a few - including my 83 ur.  This eliminates the need for the aux rad, and also gives better clearance and airflow near the right side motormount. The bigger cooler is inexpensive compared to the rest of the money spent.  Second, if going this route (especially water cooled turbo addition) the single oil cooler boss from a 200t/5kt motor will bolt into the urq stock location, and means bigger oil line adapter fittings (M18/1.50 to -10).  

The heater hose idea is good for isolating the SS-roundfile, I also like to use figure-8 deltecs (1/2in wide super zip tie) and/or the urs car uses a really neat double line bushing on the oil cooler line that is available at the dealer.  IME, the hose attacks everything it contacts, not the other way around.  That SS will cut it's way thru sheetmetal, seen that many times!

WRT fittings, they are reusable, but salt will attack them and cause cracking, btst.  Also, since most hose is teflon inserted, the anvil/chisel method is not recommended - it can crack the last part of the tube.  I use electrical tape tight around the cut point and a high rpm cutting wheel (25k rpm makes a really clean cut).

HTH and my .02

Scott J



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Hi everyone,


I just re-did the oil cooler lines on my urQ : I mangled one during
installation last summer and it leaked at bit. So, after a short search, I
found a setup that is correctly priced, should last forever and available


Aeroquip aluminum fittings : can be re-used a number of times with new hose.

1x FCM4063 (180 degree elbow) (32$)

1x FCM4033 (90 degree elbow) (25$)

2x FCM1013 (straight fitting) (15$ x2)


Steel Metric to US adaptors (no brand, from an industrial supplier)

4x 9605-08-L10-16 (M16 to ½ in JIC) (10$)


4x special gaskets (flat steel washer with a thin rubber insert, to fit the
adaptors on the M16 side) (2$ x4)


3 feet of generic SS braided ½ in oil line (13$ x3)


With that, you can reproduce the OEM oil line set-up with simple hand tools
in an hour or so. 


Some tips : 

-          When cutting the SS hose, tape the area with Duct Tape, and use a
wide chisel over an anvil. Much easier than any other method.

-          Tape the hose back of the insert before tightening the fitting :
that way, you’ll confirm that the hose is still perfectly into the fitting.

-          Don’t make the hose too long : there is not much space down
there, and they can easily=2
0rub on some body sheetmetal. 

-          Wrap the SS hose with some rubber heater hose split in spiral,
and attach these bits with zippy-ties where there is some potential rubbing.
One is never too cautious when dealing with the engine’s blood.




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