[urq] Oil cooler lines : replacement from Aeroquip

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Tue Jan 13 18:29:44 PST 2009

My pleasure, Mr Bucholtz. 

About that coolant problem, I feel your pain. Last Sunday, Geraint, Brady
and I went to Mecaglisse for some ice lapping, the three of us in my urQ.
Nice trip up north, but cabin heat was not optimal. Obviously, when we
stopped the car at the track, a cloud of coolant went tru the grille... The
reason was that one hose, the main rad to aux rad hose, was not replaced
last summer with the rebuilt engine because it is NLA. So I reinstalled the
1983 part. Luckily for us, the leak was under the clamp, so we just cut 1
inch and were good to go racing. 

I tried to order one (035 121 101H) but there still no stock anywhere. I've
ended ordering a type 89 hose, 893 121 101A, (same radiator setup if the car
has the heavy duty cooling system) because there was one in Vancouver. I
should get it tomorrow and will confirm if it fits. If there's still no
stock elsewhere, this part cross reference to an AC Delco part number,
20136s that fits a couple cars : Type 89, but 75-79 Honda Civic, and a 84-86
Nissan Sentra. 

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