[urq] Dripping From Backlight

SpotatAshleys spotatashleys at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 25 12:05:41 PST 2009

-14C, slippery roads, what are you doing looking out of the back window? 
Concentrate man, eyes on the road.
Could be condensation caused by dampness either in r/footwells or in the 
boot (trunk?). Water in rear footwells often comes from leaks around front 
screen and migrates rearwards.But I'd check the boot. Often water in spare 
wheel well if aerial has a poor seal or tail lights. Mine stays out in all 
weathers - I have no leaks or damp patches but even so I get condensation 
when the temp keeps fluctuating but not usually enough to drip..
Hope this helps.


'87WR (damp cold grey England but 14 degrees warmer than you)

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> Hi all,
> Weird that I see water dripping from the defroster lines from the 
> backlight
> onto the rear panel. Defroster lines work. Glass does clear.
> Temperature outside is -14C, car sitting all winter outside. Run car every
> second day.
> Comments.
> Max
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