[urq] Replacing rear lights with darkened units

colin cohen colincohen at msn.com
Mon Jan 19 15:05:25 PST 2009

Actually they had to be removed when the car was cert. for the Feds back in 
1986.  The untinted Urq lights were fitted and I have left it that way.  Its 
time to put it right.  The center bar was left on (tinted) so that's not a 


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> Hi Colin,
> Aren't your stock taillamps be already tinted ?
> Louis-Alain
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> I started the process this weekend and have discovered that my existing 
> rear
> stock lighting units are cemented to the bodywork with a black rubberized
> material.  Has anyone who has done this swap found the same thing as I
> cannot say that I had noticed this before on my car let alone anyone 
> else's?
> I am afraid that the process of removal may break the plastic or damage 
> the
> bodywork?
> When you installed you new lights, did you replace the sealant and if so,
> with what?  RTV?  Silicone?
> Colin

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