[urq] 0.15A constant drain on the battery

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Thu Jan 29 09:55:34 PST 2009

Hi there,


I have a small current drain (0.15A or about 2 W) in my 1983 urQuattro. This
is the early style fusebox setup (ceramic fuse, same fusebox as a VW
Rabbit/Cabriolet). I've remove all the fuse one by one, no change. Fuse #7
(electrical dash clock, antenna, radio, hazard, lighter, trunk light) was my
main culprit but it is not. There is still some fuses hidden in the top of
the dash that I can't reach without dismantling but I doubt they are in
cause (I will test them tonight.


 When the battery is isolated via a Sparco cut-off switch, no visible drain
(even if there's still a small wire that goes from the 12+ to the radio for
the memory).


There are many relays that I've installed to lower the amperage tru the fuse
box (4 headlamps, fuel pump, rear defroster) but they are all under the
switched portion of the circuit.


Battery is brand new (a German-made Moll). Fusebox is 5 years old
(Aftermarket, made in Turquey or Czechoslovakia). Alternator regulator
(Bosch) is new, so is condenser I guess (I don't remember. boy I am getting


So where to look ? 




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