[urq] [Es2] Need adaptor fitting for 16mm inv. Flare to 14mm flare

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Thanks - this is helpful.   Now looks like I need further education on types of flare
(or other ) fittings.

Is the typical Audi flare fitting that fuel system connects to referred to as  JIS
Metric 60 deg. Cone seat (Komatsu) or some other specification.

I figured someone on these lists might know.

I am hoping to find just as single solid brass fitrting that goes from 16mm inv. Flare
to 14mm flare so I don't have to make up an adaptor hose.



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Try www.ferryinc.com

If nothing else they can custom make whatever kind of line you want. I've had them do
turbo oil lines and the most I ever paid was like $9.

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Once again Audi does a one-off in the Coupe quattro.  The fuel line that goes from 3B
rail is 14 mm  inverted flare (female) as best as I can determine.  The pressure side of
fuel line for the Coupe Quattro with 7A engine is 16 mm flare apparently.  So I have
been searhing for an appropriate adaptor to mate the 3B Fuel rail to the 7A delivery

Looks like I need a 16mm inverted flare (female) on one side and a 14mm flare (male) on
the other.

Anyone know where I can find this?

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