[urq] Everyone remember Francois with the 2 urqs from Michigan?- brake bomb question

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Tue Jan 17 07:18:29 PST 2012


Worldpac still has them and list is $384!  Their distributors online charge
around +/- $190... 

Looks like his price is more than fair and a dealer or aftermarket bombs are
not going to be bakery fresh either.

My $0.02
Martin Pajak


1982 Audi Ur-quattro, SQ project
1983 Audi 80 quattro, Euro 2-Tür
1984 Audi Ur-quattro, 20vt with 6-speed
1993 Audi 90 CS quattro, 2.5 TDI with 6-speed

On Jan 13, 2012, at 8:10, steven j <michellepfeiffersx at yahoo.com> wrote:

> He's selling a urq bomb on Ebay for the brakes.   I e-mailed him a note 
> saying I though I heard these things eventually go bad sitting on the 
> shelf.   That would have been something I got over the years from 
> reading this forum.     THey just loose pressure in time.
Francoisreplied 'let me know, because I don't want to sell junk'.     
> So if someone has the answer I'll pass it on to Francois.    I also think
his $105 price might be high, i recall back in 2005 'the 
> parts connection' was selling them new for $90.   I think the 
> partsconnection is gone or maybe I have the name wrong.  I purchased 
> some trunk struts from the guy back then but afterwards there was buzz 
> that he had to close shop.
> steve
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