[urq] More parts for sale

javadog at cox.net javadog at cox.net
Mon Jan 23 15:48:02 PST 2012

Okay, I have a bunch of parts that are used in general maintenance.  They are (quantity, part no., part name):

(2)  034 198 025D	valve cover gasket kit
(1)  811 133 511D	fuel filter
(1)  077 129 620 	air filter
(1)  035 115 561 	oil filter
(1)  035 115 591	oil filter
(1)  811 805 349	foam seal
(1)  811 959 621F	A/C switch, 4000Q
(2)  431 121 273B	radiator mount
(4)  431 121 273E	radiator mount
(1)  803 121 275A	radiator mount
(1)  069 121 043 	WP o-ring
(1)  035 121 043	WP o-ring
(3)  N 010 345 10	bolt
(3)  copper nuts, for above bolts

All of this stuff was sourced from an Audi dealer and it's all still in the original packaging.  A quick search on the internet tells me that retail on all of this would be around $375.  I'd prefer to sell it as a lot, so please make me an offer.

I also have a NOS Blaufergnugen headlight wiring harness kit.  These sold for somewhere between $150 and $200, I think.  Best offer.

I have a NOS set of Lloyd's floormats in black/ brown for an Urq.  Best offer.

I also have a NOS set of Lloyd's floormats in brazil brown for a 4000 Quattro.  Best offer

>From the original list of things I offered for sale, I still have:

Euro fiberglass thrunk lid, red
Mac-02, modified by Intended Acceleration
stock F&R bumpers, carriers and plugs

I had priced the trunk lid at $400, the computer at $200 and the bumpers at $250, or so.  Make me an offer.

Please send any offers to me at jeff.roberts at cox.net.


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