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 Regardless of theoretical scenario, the head needs to come off?  Evidence of coolant in the combustion chamber seems confirmed.  Could be cracked #1 intake runner, could be cracked head, could be cracked block, could be a failed head gasket, could be a failed head bolt.....  IME with a #1 runner crack, once the head is off, the evidence of that is pretty easy to see.  IME with a #1 runner crack, the *cause* is usually a failed 'fix' to a loose or broken #1 exhaust stud.  I used to find this on N/A 5k/100's back in the 90's.  An over-drill of the broken stud to helicoil, and/or an overtorque of a nut on a warped EM.  Which taught me to have EM machined flat and upgrade the studs to the later longer type that take the mold washers and shouldered nuts.

First things first.  Pull the head?


Scott J
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I was told it was too thin to weld.
You don't have to get the head off to check - the inlet manifold will do.
#1 runner will be caoted with 'snot'.


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I think this is what has happened to my WX.  She's weeping coolant off the
bottom of the exhaust manifold outlet it cylinder one.  Is it repairable or
does it require a replacement head?


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Don't be too quick to assume it's the head gasket.  I've seen similar
symptoms on several occasions caused by a perforation between the head water
jacket and #1 inlet chamber.

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I don't think there is any doubt now. I went for a short trip to town and
when I got to town (2 miles) the system was under great pressure. I let it
cool and then drove home and once it had cooled down again I removed the
plugs. 2,3,4 & 5 were fine - a little darker than I expected but it had just
run on rich mixture. No1 plug was black and was really hard to remove due to
what I found was rust on the thread. Shining a torch down the plug holes -
revealed 2,3,4 & 5 had a blackish oily film on their surface but nothing too
bad but No1 was shiny clean aluminium and looked a bit damp. I rolled up a
piece of newspaper and pushed it in to the plug hole and soaked up some
drops of liquid which smelled of antifreeze. There's no water in the oil, so
I'm hoping I've caught all this in time but I guess I'll only know if there
has been any damage once I strip it down - which I'll start next week once
I've bought all I need for head gasket change (gaskets, bolts and beer). It
will be interesting to find what has caused this. The engine is 10 years and
33000 miles old and despite this trouble runs fine. I reckon the recent and
occasional odd spots of coolant on the garage floor were overflow from the
header tank when the pressure got too great. I guess I have been lucky the
heater matrix didn't fail.
So, off the road for the winter now.......
Thanks to all who answered my appeal for thoughts and guidance. No doubt
I'll be back on the list if I encounter bad things!
Thanks again and all the best


'87 WR in darkest foggy Worcestershire.


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