[urq] 1988 ABT Audi 5000....

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Sat Oct 27 14:46:38 PDT 2012

Would that be Carl Jerritts' old car?  Yes, it was in European Car long ago.

Jim wrote:

Hey guys,

Ok, sort of UrQuattro related.... update on my own #0170....it will
probably be going to final paint in a couple to a few weeks!

The real reason I'm posting. My friend just picked up a 1988 ABT Audi 5000
Q. It's pre-1991, yet it has wheel arch flares like a 200 20v, coil-overs
all around, it's a 10 valve with a two piece EM and an RS2 turbo. (the RS2
is still bolted to the stock EM in the trunk. The cylinder head was
apparently heavily modified (no evidence but it being very clean right now)
Some other "oddities", it's still CIS yet he was told it was a CIS fuel
dist from a Porsche... ABT special ECU, and that's all I could get out of
him at the moment.... The car is a darker gray, almost gun metal and has a
  mat-black stripe going up the hood, over the roof and terminating at the
end of trunk lid. It also has a trunk lid from a V8 Quattro with a rear
spoiler. On the hood, the stripe has "RS2" on it...(LOL) The trunk lid,
back passenger side has an "RS2" inscription.... Both the stripe and the
rear inscription "RS" font looks like its directly from an RS Porsche....(I
offered my scraper to my friend)   He was told that this car was once in
European Car magazine, yet a search yielded no joy. I'm just trying to
locate some info on the car for him. It's pretty unique and it looks like
it was a pretty sweet car at one time in history....but without the stripe
going up the driver's side of the car....

Jim Furdyn
UrQ #0170

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