[urq] things you find in a vintage car ....

Patrick Carlier p.carlier at pandora.be
Mon Oct 29 10:44:20 PDT 2012

Finally , I've started to restore the first of my two 1981's . 
Right now I'm taking it apart , in order to do the necesary bodywork . 
Tedious job , altough there''s alway's a surprise . 

This time , 3 porn magazines were hidden behind the gastank . 
Chick magazine, wich was considered pretty hard stuff in the 80's . 
I know , I was 16 back then :) 
And offcourse some coins underneath the carpets . 
50 Belgian francs , no longer valid these day's , worth about one Euro . 

Other findings in other cars :  
various tools and screwdrivers , some of them i still use  
money both coins and paper in each and every car I ever did , 
cigarettes and lighters , keys and keyrings , mice dead and alive , magazines and books .. .... 
A wrecked S2 wich I bought from a cops reposessed  auction , 
had a box of  9mm parabellums , bullets not guns , and some audio tapes with arab 
writing on them tucked away behind the glovebox .  

You guy's have similar experiances ? 


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