[urq] Selling my car

Thatcher Hubbard thatcher.hubbard at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 12:04:32 PST 2014

It pains me to send this, and I know if you're on this list you probably
already have one, but I figured I'd broadcast it here first.

I'm selling my '83 urq.  I don't have the space or time to properly care
for the car, and since neither is likely to improve in the future, I'd
rather it go to somebody who can look after it the way it deserves.

It's Diamond Silver, and I've got a long list of what's been done to it and
when typed up if anyone is interested, but this is the short story:

~135,000 miles
034 IIb EFI conversion on WX engine
Front fenders replaced in 2002
Fuchs wheels
Dark brown interior in fair condition save for the driver's seat
New window motors just installed

It's not a project car, it runs and drives quite well, but like a lot of
these, it has a list of smaller issues to be addressed.  The engine has run
great since the conversion, and I've done a lot of sorting out of the
electrical system.  I've also got a lot of parts that I just never got
around to putting on the car, including subframe bushings, engine and
transmission mounts, strut bushings, a new bomb, tie rods and ball joints,
and a few more things in that vein.

If anyone here is interested, or knows somebody who might be, give me a
shout.  I trust the ability of the list to find a good home for it a lot
more than putting it on Craigslist here in Seattle.

Thanks all,

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