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Since I wasn't sure just what was happening I was _real_ polite!
I didn't even say "bad cop - no doughnut".

I did the taillight ground upgrade using the top tab to chassis years ago and checked those first. They look fine.
So still looking for a culprit.


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Sounds like bad ground which is somewhat common 4 rear lites. Glad ur not in 
lockup. Although u must of been tempted 2 drop him..... 

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New URQ drama. Not really too dramatic but anyway......
This morning I'm cruising down the road at 2 below the limit being a good boy, 
and a patrol turns right about 1/4 mile up the road. Right behind him another 
car pulls out in front of me without stopping for his red light. I ignore both 
and continue on my way. The patrol car starts slowing down, and I surmise he is 
going to duck behind the other car and get him for a red light violation. Nope! 
Slows down, ducks right in behind me and turns his lights on. When he approaches 
the car I have all the normal paperwork ready, and he tells me he pulled me over 
for a right tail light out. He goes back to the patrol car per usual to check me 
for "wants & warrants", after which he comes back and warns me to fix the light. 
I'm thinking to myself that there was no way he could have known the light was 
out until he pulled me over. He was NEVER behind me until his lights were on.
No ticket and no problem, just very odd! Later going back on the same road I saw 
another older Audi pulled over and was wondering if they were looking for a perp 
in an old Audi for something else?
Anyway - so I get home and try to check the offending right tail light and sure 
enough it's out. As I start checking, I find that I only 7.5-8 volts at both 
tail lights, so the left is pretty dim as well. Is that the light switch on the 
dash causing this and I just need to relay the tail lights like I have the 
headlights? Since the battery is just ahead of the bulkhead it would n't take 
all that much to do it.
Any usual suspects or fixes/workarounds?


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