[urq] 83 Urq Head and EM change questions

Patrick Carlier p.carlier at pandora.be
Sat May 9 03:33:44 PDT 2015

Dave ,

I'de advise you to do some  searching  on ebay .
UK and /or  DE would be my first choices .
There are numerous vendors out there that sell engine parts , bolts , full 
gasket sets
t-belt kits etc quite often at real bargain prices .
Most of the time they cross reference to the genuine audi p/n's

Intake and exhaust studs , bolts and nuts are M8  wich is very common in 
europe .
Might be a bit harder to find in the us though .

If all else fails , I can always arrangetio buy them here  and ship them .

Oh and btw ,  to torque the headbolts , make sure you het the right 12 point 
tool .

Belgium .

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> Greetings,
> My search last year yielded a rebuilt wx head and a good exhaust manifold.
> So, now that winter seems to have relaxed it's grip, I'm thinking ahead
> toward finally getting this done. The car is still stock CIS, K26 oil
> cooled turbo.
> The questions I have are about the remaining parts needed to do the job.
> I have a partial list going and would appreciate input from those who have
> done this before.
> Valve cover gasket, head gasket, and head bolts I assume will have to come
> from Audi. I don't have a dealer within a 3 hour drive, so I am also
> looking for mail order friendly Audi dealers.
> Do intake and exhaust manifold studs and nuts come only from Audi dealers?
> Water pump, timing belt, and gaskets should be available from independents
> I would think. What is the "good" water pump brand or brands these days?
> What other parts am I forgetting about?
> Vendor suggestions appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Dave
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