[urq] Verification needed: 2.5bar 3B folk?!

Talisman talisman05 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 18:20:13 PDT 2015

Still trying to figure out my (apparent) fuel starvation under boost issue.

I was previously using a 944 fuel pump with a "pinched" ~4bar regulator,
both installed by previous owners. Since I replaced the pump with an OE
spec unit, I have been getting "limp home" behavior and lean mixture
readings every time I get into boost.

My recollection was that some years back several folks had told me that a
stock urq pump and a stock 3bar 3B regulator were sufficient for 2.5bar
performance on 3B'ed cars.

After checking almost everything else I can think of, I am wondering if the
combination of the OE spec pump and unnecessarily pinched regulator might
be the problem.

The reason I'm soliciting the help is I found the OE Bosch regulator on
Amazon for $80 with prime shipping and I am mulling going ahead and getting
it since I wanted to get back to that route anyway (if I understand
correctly that this will work just fine with the higher boost setup).

If anyone can confirm that the stock parts work fine with the 2.5bar 3B, I
would be most appreciative!


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