[V6-12v] no blower, sunroof, or turn signals

Elliott Potter mailinglist at eep.burdell.org
Sun Jul 4 11:28:38 EDT 2004

On Sun, 4 Jul 2004, Kent McLean wrote:

> Yesterday, I drove my my '94 100 S with V6, FWD, and automatic,
> to a Fourth of July party, and had no problems -- AC and sunroof
> worked fine. After the party, I started the car and pushed the AC
> button (manual HVAC, not the automatic CC) and turned the fan to
> 3 -- but got no air from the vents, no sound from the blower.
> Grrr.  I turned the knob to open the sunroof and -- nothing,
> sunroof didn't move, motor made no sound.  GRRrrrrrr.  I noticed
> a few more things electrical were not working, like the turn
> signals. I checked the owners manual to find those items are
> controlled by fuses 11 and 13.  When we got to our destination,
> I checked those fuses and they were fine (not blown).  Hmmmm.
> After the party, I got back in the car and magically the blower
> fan was working, the sunroof was working, and the turn signals
> were back. On a may-be-related note, the automatic transmission
> screeched loudly when shifting from park through reverse to
> drive. Once it drive, it behaved normally. It made no noise
> after the AC and sunroof started working again.
> Where does one start debugging flaky electrics?

Sounds like a sticky ignition switch - next time it happens, jiggle the
key a bit and see if it is sitting between "start" and "on."

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