[V6-12v] Changing ignition switch

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Mon Jul 5 12:30:42 EDT 2004

At 09:54 AM 7/4/2004, Elliott Potter wrote:
>It's actually the electrical part behind the switch, so you don't need
>to re-key anything.  Perhaps someone on the list has done this more
>recently than me and can help with a procedure?
>Incidentally, that's one I'd like to put on 12v.org if there are any

I've done it on my 1994 90S. Here's the procedure (follow at your own risk).

1) Disconnect battery ground strap.
2) Remove driver's side air bag by following procedure below (at your own 
3) Remove steering wheel - be careful not to damage the return spring and 
wire tracks.
4) Loosen clamp  for the column switches (4 mm hex key through the hole in 
the bottom of the switch trim).
5) Remove trim around the column switches (two philips screws).
6) Remove column switches (slide right off).
7) Remove instrument cluster (AFAIR two philips screws). The electrical 
connectors have a locking device in the center. pop it out about 1/8" (3-4 
mm) before pulling on the connector.
8) The ignition switch is now easily accessible through the hole where the 
instrument cluster used to be. It's held in place with two slotted 
setscrews. Undo the screws a couple of turns and slide the electrical part 
forward to get it out.
9) Replace any burnt out bulbs in the instrument cluster now that you are 
in there...
10) Assembly is reverse of removal.

Airbag removal procedure (1993-94 90):
WARNING: Messing with the air bag is like messing with an explosive device. 
If it goes off you'll probably loose an eye or two along with some fingers. 
Maybe you'll even die. Follow at your own risk.
1) Disconnect battery ground.
2) Disconnect air bag power (red connector behind a small cover in the 
driver's side foot well (roughly above the brake pedal AFAIR).
3) Undo the Torx T-30 screws accessible through holes in the side of the 
steering wheel trim.
4) Disconnect air bag harness connector.
5) Remove airbag.
6) Installation is reverse of removal. Tighten right Torx screw before the 

Column switch clamp socket head bolt: 2.5 Nm
Steering wheel nut: 40 Nm
Air bag Torx screws: 6 Nm


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