[V6-12v] Very Mysterious Oil Leak

Tom Christiansen tomchr at ee.washington.edu
Mon Jul 5 13:26:22 EDT 2004


>I am experiencing a very strange oil leak.   When the car is parked on a
>slight slope with the nose pointing downward, I come back to my car and find
>a puddle of oil.  I.E. a grape fruit sized spot is obtainable in just a 1
>hr. period.  If I park the car with the nose facing uphill there is no oil
>leak whatsoever.  I can leave the car parked for days and not experience a
>single drop.  If I turn the car around it will start dripping immediately.
>I've tried to take a look to see where the oil could be coming from but I
>don't see any obvious signs.  From under the car, the leak appears to run
>off the front of the transmission. There are some dark spots on the engine
>block but they appear to be oil mixed with dirt and not the fresh stuff I'm
>seeing on the ground.  I've checked the engine oil level and the leak does
>in fact affect it.

Why not give the car a good engine cleaning and then see where the oil is 
coming from?


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