[V6-12v] Brake pad warning-Audi

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Tue Jul 27 00:23:38 EDT 2004

Kent, the short answer to turn off the light is to connect the wires on each
brake pad, because the circuit is broken when rotors wear through the wire
imbedded in each pad. A complete circuit therefore is what it's looking for.

IF you have a broken wire in the circuit - not by wear in the brake pads -
this will NOT work. BTDT. The circuit will not be complete because of the
broken wire.

In this case, you'll have to find the break.  Email back if you need help
with this...like I say, BTDT. Gotta run and will be out much of the next two

Strong advice: DO NOT cut the wires for the brake pad system anywhere you
can't repair later. Leave yourself enough length for a repair.  If you try
this, cut and connect the wires on the pad side of the connector, not on the
body side of the connection. Pads are easy to replace.

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