[V6-12v] Transmission - what to do?

Klain.Henry at ic.gc.ca Klain.Henry at ic.gc.ca
Tue Jul 27 12:37:35 EDT 2004

If you choose to repair, ensure you go get your replacement tranny from ZF
directly, cost is reasonable.  Avoid having it rebuilt by amateurs....it
will only cause grief in the end.


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Sorry to hear about your transmission problems.  I feel your pain.

As someone who has had their share of transmission problems (rebuilt my
manual transmission in my '90q at 135,000km and replaced it at 215,000km) I
would say that replacing it rather than rebuilding it is the better choice.
In the end, the rebuild one cost me twice as much and took twice as long and
I STILL had problems that weren't detected in the rebuild that popped up
later prompting the replacement.

I would take the car to a knowledgeable mechanic and get it diagnosed while
checking all of the local junkyards for donor transmissions.

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I just subscribed to this list in the hope that you folks can give me some
options with a tranny problem I'm having with my 1996 A6 Avant.  I've been
on the 200 20v list and the urS list, so I'm not a total newbie.

Anyway, here's the problem:
I bought my wagon in the winter after my 70+ year old mother took a spill on
the ice and fractured her left hip.  She has a 2000 Jetta with a 5 speed, so
the automatic wagon seemed like a good bet for her until she got her clutch
leg back.  She drove the car for about 6 months and but about 8k on it; she
loved the car.  She just recently gave it back after I pointed out that I
hadn't seen her cane in over a month, and I wanted to do some maintenance on
the car.  Well, I never got the chance.

After about a week in the car, I was driving on the highway when I lost
power.  The first thought was that the timing belt had broken, but as I
coasted to a stop, the car was still running.  As I slowed, the problem
became obvious: clunk, clunk, screech.  The car stopped with the front
wheels locked like the car was in park, but you could shift into drive and
the car would try to go - but the front wheels remained locked.  I had the
car towed home, and unbolted the front drive shafts.  Now I could drive the
car into the garage.

Tonight I went to move the car, but it would move.  I re-attached the drive
shafts and was able to drive it around.  The transmission is making clicking
noises, but the car moves.

So what to do?  Have someone install a new or used trans?  Take this one out
and have it rebuilt?  Anyone selling a trans in the Northeast?  Anyone want
to buy the car (currently listed on Audifans)?  Other thoughts?



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