[V6-12v] Hesitation at first start

Lt.Kubosh Lt.Kubosh at atlas.cz
Thu Jul 29 18:52:31 EDT 2004

I had the same problem and it looked like the O2 heating problem. (No DTC
stored) I had replaced the O2 sensors and the problem dissappeared for some
time. But now it's back again.
If you let the engine run on idles for about 1 min. the hesitation doesn't

I bet on O2 sensors heating, but I don't care on mine.


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Sometimes my 1994 90S shows an interesting type of hesitation. It happens
every now and then. I start the car, and start driving. On the very first
acceleration (away from the curb) the engine hesitates for a second or so.
After that it's fine. It only happens on that very first start and that's

The cats are pretty old and I'm suspecting that they might have started to
plug up. Does this diagnosis match the symptom described above?


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