Subject: [V6-12v] Hesitation at first start

Dr. Adam Gratz dradamgratz at
Fri Jul 30 22:12:44 EDT 2004


No. The classic cats going is a loss of power throughout the power band.
Think of putting a potato in your tailpipe - it just won't go! The question
is, does this only happen when cold? If it's nice and warm and you turn it
off wait 5 min and start again does it still happen? Sounds like a fouled
plug to be honest with you, or a leaking or clogged injector. Get some BG-44
fuel system cleaner from Napa or your favorite independent shop. Techron is
ok too. 

My advice is to always suspect the most expensive items last....

Dr. Gratz  
1996 A6Q Avant
1991 200 20v avant
1990 100 

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Subject: [V6-12v] Hesitation at first start
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Sometimes my 1994 90S shows an interesting type of hesitation. It happens 
every now and then. I start the car, and start driving. On the very first 
acceleration (away from the curb) the engine hesitates for a second or so. 
After that it's fine. It only happens on that very first start and that's

The cats are pretty old and I'm suspecting that they might have started to 
plug up. Does this diagnosis match the symptom described above?


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