[V6-12v] Radiator Fans not working **Update**

T. Jackson Mancubus99 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 24 22:14:10 EDT 2004

Ok, so today I finally had some time to crawl under the car and check things
out more thoroughly. I couldn't get under the car per se as my car is
lowered and I do not have ramps or jack stands.  From what I could see there
is a bunch of wiring harnesses that connect to components that I could not
really trace from where I was laying.  I did see that each of the fans
grounded to what looked like a badly corroded termination point.  I
couldn't access the block from where I was but I did my best to squeeze my
screwdriver in-between the battery and the radiator to scrape some of the
corrosion off. I managed to disconnect all of the harnesses that attached to
this bundle and checked each one of them.  Only one harness, a thinner green
one with squared ends looked suspect as the O-ring around one half of the
harness was rotted and had allowed moisture to get in.  I managed to scrape
away some of the corrosion as best I could with my screw driver and I fired
up the engine and turned on the AC.  It was somewhat of a success as driver
side fan now comes on at ~ 90C or when the AC is turned on.  From what I
could see during my test the passenger side fan did not turn on but it
appeared that the one fan running was enough to maintain adequate
temperature as the fan would come on for short bursts and turn off once the
temperature dropped just below 90C.  I plan on taking the car into my
mechanic on Monday and really give the termination block and the other
wiring harnesses a good cleaning.  I have a few questions from some
observations I made while looking at the front end:

1) I noticed that as soon as my car started I could see coolant being pumped
into the expansion tank.  I was under the impression that the coolant
shouldn't be circulating unless the thermostat was open.  Should I be seeing
the coolant flowing when the engine is cold or is my T-stat gone?

2) Since I only observed one fan spinning but the system was able to
maintain proper temperature at idle are both fans supposed to spin at all
times or does the system trigger both fans only when needed?

3) Can anyone with a Bentley for the 93-95 90 please confirm what colour the
wires coming from the radiator fans are supposed to be?  The ones on my car
are covered with a black sheathing so I'd like to be sure I'm working with
the correct harnesses.

Thanks in advance!

>At 05:06 PM 9/20/2004, T. Jackson wrote:
> >I noticed this morning while sitting in traffic that my car was running a
> >little warmer than normal.  After a while the traffic cleared up and I
> >started moving so the car temperature stayed nominal until I got to work
> >forgot about the abnormal temperature reading.  On the way home after
> >sitting in traffic I noticed my temperature gauge slowly approaching the
> >120C mark while my oil temp was around 130C!  I managed to get the car
> >moving again and cool enough to pull over and check the fuse box.  The
> >seemed to be in good shape and the label on the box indicated that it is
> >shared with other items like turn signals and wipers which all appear to
> >working.  Before continuing the drive on the open road I did a quick
> >to see if there were any disconnected wires or harnesses and I couldn't
> >any.  It was much too hot to go prodding in the engine bay so I saved
> >the potential 3rd degree burns and I will take a look at it in the
> >when it's much cooler.
> >
> >
> >Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should be looking for?  Is it
> >feasible to test the fans by applying 12V from the battery to the
> >(where ever it is)?
> >
> >
> >BTW, the car is a 1995 Audi 90 Quattro.
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
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