[V6-12v] Fwd: Update and questions.

RGuzz rguzz at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 30 09:46:35 EDT 2005

Thanks for the advice.  I'll check the power steering hose and will 
replace vacuum lines. To clarify I did all this the long way and have 
removed and split the aluminum intake manifold so the fuel rails, 
injectors have all been removed and when you look in the engine you're 
looking at the valley pan.
Lots of residue on the ports of the manifold. It's at the local engine 
rebuilders getting "dipped".  Amazing how plugged the EGR and it's port 
on the manifold appeared to be.
Lastly, any recommendations about the fuel injectors? Should they be 
cleaned? I assume they will need to be resealed.
Any other tips? Knock sensors, coolant sensors and a big fat one to the 
left as you look behind the head??? Leave these alone??
I have the write up detailing the phone cord sealing of the throttle 
body gasket.
I could have saved myself a lot of work had I just followed the write up 
on cleaning out the EGR and manifold port.

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> From: RGuzz <rguzz at mindspring.com>
> Date: Wed Jun 29, 2005  09:34:19 PM US/Eastern
> To: v6-12v at audifans.com
> Subject: Update and questions.
> 95 A6 5 speed 134k miles...oil consumption has much improved as has 
> overall running condition after the usual minor interventions...fuel, 
> air filters, cleaning MAF sensor, couple of oil changes. I have removed 
> the intake both sections for cleaning and repair of EGR code, the only 
> one present. Lots of plugged up stuff.
> The question is: what else should I do while the intake is out. Replace 
> coolant sensors, vacuum hoses, 02 sensors? I have ready access to a 
> fair amount of stuff that might need attention and don't want to put it 
> back together without seeking the advice of the list. Replace EGR? It 
> appears to be original.
> Should I leave the 02 sensors alone as there are no related codes? They 
> aren't the originals as they are three wires present.
> Anything else?
> Thanks.
> Richard

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