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Michael Larosa Jr Mc.Larosa at Sun.COM
Thu Dec 23 07:36:31 EST 2004

kent pretty much got most of it....  if you have a multimeter
another weakness is that crimped battery wire clamp under the passenger
side carpet...  check voltage at the battery and the jumpstart post
with the car running :)... if there is more than say .5 volt diff...
might want to investigate that...  I've got a detailed info doc i
wrote years ago if ya need it..


Kent McLean wrote:
>>Coleman, David wrote:
>>>My VAG experience doesn't include
>>>any Type 44 five-poppers, so I was hoping anyone who has any specifics
>>>for me to check out might let me know.
> I have some Type 44 experience, not all of it good. :)
> The I-5 is nearly bullet-proof, but the electricals will get you.
> Power windows stop working, sunroof won't open, etc.  The
> quattro list will tell you to avoid FWD Audis, but they still make
> a fine ride.  If it's an automatic, they are reputed to be weak.
> Rear brakes will freeze up due to emergency brake cables
> rusting, and the rear pins rusting in place. Seat heaters, 
> especially the driver's seat, probably won't work.  The AC 
> (is it an automatic climate control?) will probably be on its last 
> legs unless someone dumped some money into it.  The 
> windshield, if dinged or pockmarked, is expensive due to the 
> built-in radio antenna; mine was about $700.  And the DOT
> spec headlights really, really s*ck.  I mean *really*.  I'd see
> my cars shadow from the car behind me, even though my
> lights were on. Euro headlights a 1000% times better, but 
> expen$$ive.
> I don't like the way the alternator belt is tightened; I've lost a
> couple (on in a snow storm 250 miles from home). And the
> belt has to be metric; Continental is a good brand. Don't
> get the ubiquitous Gates.
> Other than that, look at your usual used car issues: engine
> compression, exhaust, tires, brakes, battery, fan, heater, 
> defroster, condition of (leather?) seats, radio, etc.
> HTH,
> Kent
> '94 100 S Avant (FWD)
> '89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" has a new home
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