[V8] TB R&R procedure (for the 1000th time)

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Fri Jan 9 18:19:05 EST 2004

I found the procedure in the manual (scanned microfiche version) to be very 
detailed. The only place I remember deviating was to use a puller on the cam 
sprockets, but the manual said to "tap" them off with a mallet.

It is probably possible to do the job without the tools - but it would suck.
The crank holder and cam holders are a must IMHO. Other tools can be fabricated 
if needed.

I own most the tools (all of the really necessary ones) and have toyed with the 
idea of renting them out. If you are interested maybe we can work something out 
but I will not do it without a deposit for the full value of all the tools.
If there is enough interest in this maybe I can set up the rental through 
I am not looking to get rich off this, but it would have to be worth my while.

fyi, I am in Boise ID and these things are pretty heavy. Shipping will be a 


Quoting jpb3 <jpb3wvu at frontiernet.net>:

> All,
> Unfortunately I cannot access the archives for this info.  Tried
> downloading
> Pine software to scan the Zipped Archive file someone graciously gave
> out a
> while ago but could not get the program to open the file.  I have not
> performed this procedure before on the V8, on other cars yes......but
> this
> seems to be an entirely different beast.  Therefore I am asking if
> someone
> who has BTDT for help.  I have the Factory manual on CD and printed out
> the
> procedure from there but it seems like they broadly cover the procedure.
>  I
> am looking for helpful hints and suggestions before I get in there.  If
> someone has a good post saved I would greatly appreciate it if you could
> repost it.  Being a longtime lurker and occasional poster I can
> sympathize
> with the fact that this has been beaten to death on this board,
> unfortunately I cannot get to those posts.  If someone knows when/if the
> Archive will be available please let me know.  Thanks.
> Also, I am attempting this procedure w/o the factory tools.  Are they
> really
> necessary and if so, any good outfits that rent them?  I am
> contemplating
> pulling the motor as the RMS needs replacing as well, will I need these
> tools to perform TB job if the motor is on a stand?
>  TIA,
> John Burns
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