[V8] TB R&R procedure (for the 1000th time)

Jeff Goldberg jgoldberg at ntelos.net
Sat Jan 10 17:37:15 EST 2004


> Unfortunately I cannot access the archives for this info.  Tried downloading
> Pine software to scan the Zipped Archive file someone graciously gave out a
> while ago but could not get the program to open the file.

If you got the file from me, you downloaded v8mbx.zip.  This compressed file
needs to be unzipped before you can use it.  Search the internet for WinZip or
pkunzip if you need software to unzip the file.  This will yield a file named
v8.mbx that is usable by PC-Pine.  If you are still having trouble getting
PC-Pine to load the file try renaming it in.mbx

I modified my web page to clarify the fact that the file needs to be unzipped.
Sorry for the confusion.


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