[V8] Car won't start

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Tue Jan 13 19:27:28 EST 2004

The list of possibles is pretty endless, but here is a wierd one:

Try a new fuel pump relay. 
I had a problem where the relay would not close properly the first time - on 
the first twist of the key the motor would just crank but on the second twist 
it would fire right up.
My relay was easily fixed just by taking apart and tweaking contacts.
An easy test is to put a volt meter on the B+ wire of the coil(s). The coils 
and fuel pump get power from the same relay, but from different contacts inside 
the relay so it is possible for example for the pump to get juice but not the 
Also measure fuel pressure.


Quoting Ron Wainwright <ron_01056 at yahoo.com>:

>    Listers,
>   I'm new to V8's & i'm having a problem,
>  it's been starting fine just turn the key but it's
> been very cold out in Mass the past week & well I have
> 3 quattros,&
>  i'm a roofer so i don't like driving the V8 to work
> so i'll drive my 87 5ksq & the V8 will sit. So after
> letting the car site for 3 day's in near 0deg weather 
> it won't start,
>  it wants to just won't take that last step (know what
> I mean) cranks over, cranks over almost catches almost
> to the point were it will start sputtering but not
> quiet there.
>  Before I look at SJM's web page anyone know what's
> up? Temp sensor maybe? not giving the ECU a signal?
> Maybe put a bottle of dry gas in the tank? I'm sure
> i'm getting spark (new plugs as of 500 miles), fuel
> filter is new (2k old) so I don't think it's clogged.
>  Like I said the cars been running great it's just
> that it's been a cold muther out & now it won't start
> not even with a fresh batterie & all the cable
> connections look good no corrosion.
> Thanks for any help
> Ron
> 87 5ksq many mods original owner
> 90 200tqa many mods
> 90 V8 pearl 88k 02 S4 Avus
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