[V8] Friction plate?

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Mon Jan 19 22:12:48 EST 2004

Thanks for the insight. I ordered the part from Audi dealer today for
$14.00.  Too inexpensive not to replace!

John B
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> This is a critical part of the timing belt tensioning mechanism.  I am
> that the part was not replaced by the PO's mechanic on #344, and it led to
> catastrophic failure of the tensioning mechanism ... I'm *very* lucky that
> didn't lose the timing belt ... and suffer the associated top end damage.
> Thank you to Audi for installing the pin on the 5-speed rear timing cover
> that keeps the belt from jumping teeth easily!  The friction piece fits
> a pin that couples the tensioning force to the tensioning roller.  If it
> fails you end up with direct metal to metal contact on a sliding surface,
> which means a lot of wear.  In my case I needed to replace some of the
> in the pivot ... Keith saved my bacon there!
> As a result of that experience I also recommend doing the tensioning
> .... especially if you are on your second or third TB swap.  Since it is
> of the key components of the TB tensioning mechanism I consider it to be
> fairly cheap insurance.
> Steve B
> San Jose, Kaleefohnia (USA)
> >
> > Can someone please explain to me what the friction plate does
> > and why it
> > should be replced during a TB job?  I have looked through many sources
> > and none seem to discuss this part.  I am getting ready to place my
> > parts order so if you can respond promptly I sure would
> > appreciate it.
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