[V8] Car won't start/ conclusion

Ed Kellock ekellock at adelphia.net
Fri Jan 23 11:50:51 EST 2004

I believe the plugs spec'd for my NG CGT are a 4-electrode type but not the +4's.  I think I recall that they are more open around the electrode.

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Date: 2004/01/23 Fri AM 08:28:41 MST
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Subject: [V8] Re: Car won't start/ conclusion

Well... you can't argue with success.

I think the problem with the +4 plugs is the electrode is completly covered 
except the top surface. I think that makes them foul out easy. It sounds like 
the plug you used is a different design and for whatever reason it works.


Quoting Ron Wainwright <ron_01056 at yahoo.com>:

>    Dave & others,
>   I realy can't give an explanation but it's a fact
> the car wouldn't start with the H7DC0 Bosch plugs,
>  like mentioned before the car would start rite up
> (turn key) before it got subzero out in Mass.
>  I even tried a few times to start the car when it got
> to be a little warmer but no go, but as soon as I put
> the 4 prong plugs in it fired rite up. 
> The local Audi tech gave me the plug advise so I can
> thank him.
>  And let it be known that I didn't use the Bosch
> platnum +4 plugs as it states on the box, I used the
> Audi specific 4 prong plug which are different than
> the other,
>  the electrodes aren't blanketing the top (or bottom)
> of the plug they sit lower (like halfway) up the
> center.
>  I don't know but they work for me & thats what i'm
> going to stick with.
> Thanks
> Ron
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