[V8] How 'bout a website?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Jan 25 13:19:46 EST 2004

You say that you "...are not suggesting we turn our backs on 
Audifans.com.", but I wonder why you evidently think that web-related 
needs of V8 owners could not be satisfied via the audifans.com web 
site. Don't forget that Dan (at no cost to _most_ of us) has been 
supporting this (V8) forum for many years. He probably has 
capabilities on the audifans.com site that are not being fully 
exploited (something I've long-believed to be true). Perhaps Dan 
would be interested in "web savvy" volunteers who would help him make 
his audifans site become "a more visual outlet for our hobby". 
Perhaps not. But in any case, I think that Dan Simoes is owed the 
courtesy of being contacted about the options for expanding his 
audifans site--before listers use his forum as a platform to spin off 
competing web sites.


At 9:45 PM -0500 1/24/04, Mike B wrote:
>A thought,
>	We V8Q owners in North America spend a fair amount of time 
>talking about,
>working on and (dare I say), obsessing over our cars.  We are proud of them.
>So I think we could use a more visual outlet for our, hobby, for lack of a
>better word.  I know many of us peruse those German websites regarding the
>mighty V8.  I'm sure most of you have seen this one:
>	http://www.audiv8.com/
>	Forgive me if this idea has already been kicked around.  Why 
>don't we get a
>website going? I know that a number of you have your own website about you,
>your car(s) and Audi Lieb in general and that's a great thing to keep alive,
>please do! We can link them all together.
>	If one or more of us has the Web-savvy and the time, why not have a
>collective "Audiv8northamerica.com" site
>	I'm not going to lie, I am proud of my 14 year old Audi and the good
>condition she is in and I would like to show her off to the rest of you and
>whomever else that happens to surf across it....... How many of you feel the
>same way about yours?
>	This is just a thought I am throwing out, but I think there 
>are enough of
>us to warrant such a move.  Understand though, I am not suggesting we turn
>our backs on Audifans.com.  This is our forum.  I believe it should remain
>	I have been internet active for several years (not as long as 
>I have been
>an Audi fan) and I have seen several North American based sites about
>specific German Cars, but never one for the V8 Quattro.
>	I know most of us have busy lives with family and career and 
>such, so if
>this doesn't manifest it's not going to kill me.  There are more important
>	It's a thought, I think it's a good one.  So, I move we go ahead with
>launching a website.  Not that we are an organized party, but do I hear a
>second?  (preferably form one of you web-savvy geniuses.)
>I think it would be cool.
>Mike B.
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