[V8] What a chintzy way to get ahead, or I absolutely HATE it when this happens.....

s4qtro at bellsouth.net s4qtro at bellsouth.net
Wed Jan 28 09:48:27 EST 2004

No problem Roger.  I think most of my thoughts were based on the fact that I'm not the richest college student around, and I try my best not to burdin dad with my expenses.  

I am really doing my best to be independant and not have to rely on other people to live my live (except for the V8 list of course!).  I am a senior in college now, and i have been pretty successful in being able to start my life out right, with only a few hiccups.  Of those hiccups, dad was allways there for me, and I will be forever greatfull.

I love my V8 to death.  I often talk with dad about selling mine, but not for the same reason as you.  Being a college student, I dont have a whole lot of money to throw around on things, but i do give my car the time, effort, and money it needs.  Of course the Girlfriend always feels that too much time is speant on the car and not enough on her...the eternal paradox...

I'm sure you have seen my posts lately about my stalling issue.  Before working on the transmission i was flirting with the idea of just selling the V8 and trying to get a 97 A4 quattro.  I was just getting so frustrated with the fact that no matter what we tried to do, we could never fix the stalling problem.  Then we replaced the Valve Body and it ended up worse off than before.  Well it wasnt stalling, but it was definately in limp mode.  Then after the second try at the valve body, it works like a champ.

After my car sitting for 3 weeks i was very excited to drive my car again, and as we all know, you wait that long to drive the V8 and it will definately surpise you when you get back behind the wheel.  Every time i drive my car it puts a smile on my face.  Whether it be disapointing a Ricer that wants to cut me off when the road merges to one lane, or a camaro that just wont get off my tail on 417 and leaving him behind in the turns in the rain, or my new favorite scareing the Bejesus out of a riced out celica that turned the corner while i was stopped at a stop sign test driving the V8 after the Valve body replacement.  I was driving with 0 Exhaust connected after the downpipe.  HOLY CRAP was it loud.  As the Celica passed me i just gassed it and freaked the heck out of him!

In other words, i guess i am just jealous, because i really wish i could just drop what i want into my car.  Shocks, Springs, wheels, IA Chip, Tint, just the basic upgrades is all i want right now.  Oh well.  That is for when i get the big bucks after graduation right...

Best reguards,
Shawn Head

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