[V8] What a chintzy way to get ahead, or I absolutely HATE it when this happens.....

Michael Larosa Jr Mc.Larosa at Sun.COM
Wed Jan 28 09:52:27 EST 2004

alas, we are cut from the same cloth Roger :)

Before I got "Responsiable" aka married....  It was common for me to a
own a different car every year... we are not talking cool cars, just 
something different!  I love almost all cars, just that kinda guy, it 
kills me to drive something for more than a year....

Lets see the list is something like this....

73 Plymouth Satelite Sebring, 2 door coupe
74 Plymouth Duster, couldn't be killed with that slant 6, believe me I tried!
70 Monte Carlo, grandma's car, 56k, 350/350
72 Monte Carlo SS, 350, parts car for the above :)
Moved out of the house....

74 Vega Wagon, 4 speed
66 VW bus, 4 speed, actually fun to drive :)
66 F85 4 door, 6 cyl, 
76 Chevette

Got a good job.....

84 Mustang GT, 302, 5 speed(new), I loved that car...
72 Monte Carlo classic, auto on the floor, buckets, power everything,
	beautiful car, my toy...

Got engaged...

74 Chyrsler Newport, 56k, another grandma car, 440, buried that 120 speedo
	with ease :)

Got layed off...  new job 50 miles away...

87 honda civic hf(new), 5 speed,  purely an economical decision..

Got engaged again... what was i thinking ? see comment below..  got a real good job...

89 100
88 528e, I loved that car.... wifes
86 civic coupe, winter beater for above car...
89 100 avant - Wifes, BMW went away for the wagon...
90 V8, traded in the 100 sedan
91 V8, she crashed the wagon.... for the 3rd or 4th time ? can't remember..

Got Divorced...

02 F150(new)... v6 5 speed...  another vehicle based on anything but wants..
		needed something to move my stuff and the V8 was dieing :(

So there ya go, my life history as told by my vehicles :)


"Roger M. Woodbury" wrote:
> I didn't take your comments negatively.  I NEVER take comments made on the
> 'Net negatively.  And I DO like to TALK about selling my car....and I might.
> I have found that at this point in my life, I might as well have some fun,
> and that often means changing cars, car types, adding cars, working on
> cars....and generally along those lines, drive my wife to distraction.
> Right now, I am having a wicked flirtation with the idea of having a BMW
> 850.  I am realistically thinking that what my wife and I NEEd is a full
> size extended cab pickup, as both of our businesses would benefit from it.
> But NONE of that can happen until I get her new kitchen done next year.
> Once she is blinded by the sight of a big new kitchen, with all those
> shiney, bright kitchen doo-dads, she probably won't notice if I sneak a
> bright, shiney 850 coupe into the garage.....
> Roger
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> > Roger,
> >
> > I'm not sure if you took my comments to be negative.  If so, i appologize
> because they were not meant to be.  I thought that you were Seriously
> looking at selling the car sometime soon.  If I had the money, shoot, i
> would be doing the same thing!  But i am still just a lowly college student
> to be humbled by the all powerful 4.2 =).
> >
> > Shawn Head
> > '91 V8 Pearl/Nautica
> >
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