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Jason Wilkerson wilke_jb at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 12:58:33 EST 2004

I agree,

   This list is great!  My wife thinks I'm a nerd for thinking so -
Although she may be right she obviously doesn't understand the addiction. 
I too have recently entertained the thought of parting with the beloved -
possibly to romance a 4.2 A8 - I could probably afford it, I see them go
for 11k on ebay all the time, but then I realize how much I love the 14
year old V8 - and then I think of all the money that I have shredded up
into little pieces, placed ever-so-kindly in the intake and watched, with
glee, it come out as little puffs of smoke from the tailpipe and I think
"maby I can recoup my money" whatever.  I can justify having this car
because I work on it myself - If I didn't I couldn't afford it at all. 
That is no offense to those who don't do their own work - I am just saying
that I personally don't have the money.  If I were rich (or made anything
more than I do)I would consider having some things done by someone else,
but then again that is part of the fun for me!


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