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FredParkerJr FredParkerJr at cox.net
Wed Jan 28 13:32:14 EST 2004

As a regular lurker and occasional poster to the list, I must chime in here
and agree with Richard - this is a great list.  I just looked back through
my list mail that I have stored in an Outlook folder, and it goes back to
May 2000 - a total of 15,554 messages!  I routinely search the messages on
different topics.  I too am one who would not own this car unless I did all
of the work myself.  And I actually enjoy it (usually! I'm not looking
forward to the t-belt that is due in 2K miles).

So that being said - thanks for all of the knowledge and entertainment over
the years folks!  It is appreciated and also a lot of fun - and I hope it
keeps up!

Fred Parker
Black on Black '90 with 148K

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Of RichardMor at aol.com

Man, what a list!  Roger, Keith, Shawn, Dave, Dave, Mike, Jason, Justin,
Jeremy, Cobram, Phil, Ed, etc.. . . .


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