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Michael Larosa Jr Mc.Larosa at Sun.COM
Fri Jan 30 08:05:26 EST 2004


I used to get my V8 filters from autozone.  $12.-  they are probably
made in china and they did have to order them, so I bought 2 :) when
I used the spare I ordered a new one.... always had one on hand...
the rubber was oozing out and had to be trimmed with a razor blade, 
otherwise they looked the same as the audi OEM...  I changed them
every 10k or so...

My .02 :)


Michael Thomas wrote:
> I think most of the guys advocating the use of a different air filter must be a bit loonie. The discussion of the different pleats only highlights the reason not to change. Do you want to take a chance that the filter flows less air? How do you know what the flow characteristics of the material is compared to the Audi part? And the BMW engines are what - 3L and 3.5L sixes - why would BMW make a filter that flowed more air than needed, enough air for a 4.2L engine, and Audi wouldn't?
> And for a savings of $8 - you must be kidding. I would rather skip a couple of lattes and stick with the Audi part.
> Okay, I've put my foot in it...
> Michael T.
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