[V8] car appraisal / donation NJ

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Wed Sep 1 15:05:17 EDT 2004

I've never donated a car, but with other donations, the charity basically
asked me what I thought it was worth, and gave me a donation receipt for
that amount.  A while back the juvenile diabetes foundation was asking
for donations or items to auction, I bought a brand new TV/CD combo at
BJ's for $240 to donate, they gave me a donation receipt for $375, which
was what a similar unit was advertised for at a chain retailer, didn't
even ask me what I paid for it.

Plenty of organizations take cars, and they'll probably give you a
receipt for a couple of bucks above book if the car actually runs.  Most
of the cars they get are sh*tboxes that need to be towed away.  

Choose the charity you'd like to help and give them a call.  


cbrenceesq at netscape.net writes:

> Need help figuring out how to donate the V8Q.
> I was thinking of donating my 1990 V8Q.  I can't figure out how to 
> find an appraiser.  I live in the NW corner of New Jersey - 50 miles 

> If anyone has successfully donated without getting hosed by the IRS, 
> feel free to share helpful info.

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