[V8] Cruise Control

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Amen!  Well put Cobram! 


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 Charles Wurts <cwurts12 at mindspring.com> writes:

> So where is the crow eating forum?  I went back in for another look 
> and  I did not check the line at the diaphragm.  I thought all was 
> well

> because I found vacuum on the passenger side, NOT the drivers side.  
> Well, the line was not attached to the diaphragm after all.  Sorry to  
> have wasted the lists collective time and thank you all again.

Wasted time??  Apologizing?? Are you kidding, I get great satisfaction in
knowing that I'm not the only one out there who ends up slapping himself on
the head occasionally and saying "stupid, stupid, stupid" after chasing all
the complicated solutions KNOWING that it couldn't be something simple,
until of course it turns out to be something simple. 
We've all been there, more times than we'd like to admit.

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