[V8] Rant ... and legal advice

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Can you see this new hole now?
I had sort of a similar run-in with a warantee replacement of a Goodyear
tire.  Long story short, I'll never buy another Goodyear tire.

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What I meant to say was: "around 4-5 inches" and not "around 4-5 feet"!!!
Sorry for the typo.


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Well guys (and gals) ... looks like I could use some advice and/or BTDT.

In order not to drag out this e-mail let me just give you all the

1. One 17x8 Audi Bolero wheel (mandatory  Audi Content) with Pirelli P6000
255/40/17 tire (about 60% tread remaining).
2. One nail head protruding from the above mentioned Pirelli Tire roughly
3/8" from the "outer" tire shoulder but within the tread of the rolling
3. One "Michel Tire Plus" dealership in Elsmere Kentucky.
4. Dropped off tire on Monday.  Was advised that they would try to plug
internally but since so close to edge could not guarantee anything.  I said
5. Got a call yesterday.  Repair unsuccessful.  Additional hole "discovered"
in sidewall of tire no more than 1-2" away from nail puncture (more on this
later). Employee was more than willing to order me a new tire ...
unfortunately P6000's in that size have been discontinued!  Luckily, found 2
on e-bay (with roughly 60% tread left) and ordered them immediately.
6. Went by dealership yesterday to retrieve rim and tire.  Tire had been
remounted on rim (???) ... and was very nonchalantly returned to me with a
comment "Here it is" and no paperwork.  Close inspection of the rim shows
deep gouge marks in a previously pristine Bolero wheel around 4-5' of the
wheel lip.  Seems pretty obvious that the tire removal tool and/or operator
didn't have a clue what they were doing.  Pointed it out to the employee on
duty and was told to come back tomorrow (today) to talk to the manager.
Employee refused to hand-over any of the paperwork initiated when I dropped
off the tire Monday, his reasoning was no money changed hands so "No
7. I can see where this could very quickly turn into a pissing contest this
afternoon when I meet up with the manager and would not be surprised at all
to have it end with a "See you in small claims court"!  My aim is to have
the wheel replaced with a new one ... if not that, then at the very least
have it reconditioned by a "reconditioner" of my choice.

8. The mysterious second puncture in the outer sidewall?!  Seem somewhat
convenient to have this hole show up since sidewalls cannot be plugged and
render a tire useless.  I had washed the car on Monday prior to dismounting
the wheel (to drop it off for the repair) and sprayed down all four tire
sidewalls with No Touch Tire conditioner (not foam but more liquid in
texture).  I distinctly remember looking at  the nail puncture location
(which I had originally discovered last Saturday) to see if it showed signs
of air escaping (bubbling) ... it did.  I certainly did not at the time see
any additional bubbling (within the sidewall vicinity of this puncture)
indicative of a second hole in the tire ... and that was with 40 psia
pressure in the tire!!!  This second hole seems more than convenient to me

So ... there you have it.  Any advice or lessons learned that others may
have had in dealing with a similar situation would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for listening to my rant this early in the morning.

Cincinnati, Ohio

1990 V8 auto
1991 V8 5-speed
2000 Passat 4-motion (with 3 pristine Boleros)

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