[V8] Overheating

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Wed Sep 8 09:07:54 EDT 2004

Does the top hose get hot?  Could there be an air bubble keeping the t-stat from opening?  Or I guess it's OK in otherwise normal driving (not drafting a semi)?

Does running the heater change anything?


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> I am having some trouble solving my overheating problem down 
> here in FL.  In stop and go the temp gauge approaches the 
> half way between 100C and the top of the scale…with AC on or 
> not.  I have installed a new German radiator and thermostat 
> and it is still overheating.  In fact, the new radiator 
> didn’t help at all…it behaves exactly as it did with the old 
> one.  The electric fan works properly.  I thought it must be 
> the viscous fan so I took it off last night and (with the aid 
> of a few hose clamps and a metal bar) locked the clutch.  The 
> engine still gets too hot.  The only other thing I can think 
> of is that the water pump could be some POS part and does not 
> flow as much coolant as an OEM unit would.  Any ideas would 
> be greatly appreciated.  Thank in advance.  
> -Justin Lewis   
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