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One other note, Keith @ audiconnection had talked about the incompatibility
of some of the different coolants. I believe this had to do with the way
they bond to the surfaces. Therefore, the old coolant could actually
insulate the new from dissapating the heat. What I did to avoid this is
drain and flush the cooling sys with water about five times, running about
five min between. Then drained and filled with 60/40 antifreeze.

Tony Hoffman 

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I am having some trouble solving my overheating problem down here in FL.  In
stop and go the temp gauge approaches the half way between 100C and the top
of the scale...with AC on or not.  I have installed a new German radiator
and thermostat and it is still overheating.  In fact, the new radiator
didn't help at all...it behaves exactly as it did with the old one.  The
electric fan works properly.  I thought it must be the viscous fan so I took
it off last night and (with the aid of a few hose clamps and a metal bar)
locked the clutch.  The engine still gets too hot.  The only other thing I
can think of is that the water pump could be some POS part and does not flow
as much coolant as an OEM unit would.  Any ideas would be greatly
appreciated.  Thank in advance.  

-Justin Lewis   

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