[V8] Rant ... and legal advice

urq urq at pacbell.net
Wed Sep 8 21:00:22 EDT 2004

Don't stop with the courts ... in California there is a state agency called
the Bureau of Automotive Repair, see if they have a similar organization in
your state, and file a complaint there.  While it seems that the BBB isn't
what it used to be, file a complaint there too.  You might also want to
contact an "action line" with a local television station or newspaper.  If
the shop is a member of any organization or corporation, file a complaint
there ... what the hey, file a complaint with the tire manufacturer too (it
would also give you an opportunity to comment on the fact that your tire was

In my *much* younger days I had a problem getting my driver's license
renewed because a southern California county accused me of not paying a
ticket I was issued in their county ... a place I had never driven in my
life!  I was having a very difficult time getting the people in that county
to make things right, so I wrote letters to a bunch of elected
representatives ... including the Governor of California (this was even
before the days of Ronnie Reagan, so no it wasn't the Guvernator)!  Guess
which letter actually got things taken care of ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

> A garage is legally liable for any and all damage done to your vehicle, or
> your case, wheel while its under their care.  Legal action is called for.
> Almost all automotive repair institutions believe in denying any
> to damage done while in their care.  I had to sue in small claims court a

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