[V8] Manual tranny needs rebuild

Doug Macy dmacy1 at atlanticbb.net
Tue Sep 14 11:27:06 EDT 2004

C and G Performance, Inc.
2100 Big Sewickley Creek Road
Sewickley, PA  15143

+1 (724) 266-1646

Champ Or Alan Ferragonio

I have been happy with their work, drive 2-1/2 hours from here in the middle
nowhere to have major work done to my 20V's...

If they won't do the rebuild, they may have a suggestion for someone good in
the PGH area.

Champ worked at Sewickley P-A during the time our cars were built.

Doug Macy
Cumberland, MD

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Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 14:42:49 -0700 (PDT)
From: Thomas Barbera <barberat at yahoo.com>
Subject: [V8] Manual tranny needs rebuild
To: v8 at audifans.com
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Well fellow v8 fans, the 5spd manual in my '91 v8 is
on its way out.  2nd gear synchro is going and I'm not
sure how much longer it will last.  Anyone have any
suggestions?  Where can I get this thing rebuilt?  I
would consider a 6spd 01E but they are out of my price
range.  I can't seem to find a shop that will touch my
tranny.  I'm located in Pittsburgh, PA.  I would do it
myself, but I don't know where to get the parts.  If
any one has any suggestions, I would love to hear from
them.  Thanks.

Tom B.
'91 V8 5spd


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