[V8] Hall efferct sensors

Jurgen jhp at telus.net
Wed Sep 15 16:48:06 EDT 2004

Regarding the hall effect sensor. There are several types of halls ensors
available . What you need is the type with an attached magnet . ( The
passing tooth  is NOT magnetic in most  automotive  applications ) When the
tooth passes close to the Hall sensor , it disturbes the magnetic field and
the built in differential amplifier puts out a signal . Hence it is
IMPORTANT to have the proper / correct clearance when installing a
replacement .
These hall sensors are readily available and quite inexpensive . I have
included a company that makes these ( for automotive use ) A common
missconception is that a magnet needs to zip by to trigger it . A compass
held near the hall sensor will tell you if that is actually the type used .
If the old hall sensor itself shows magnetism ( when not powered up ) it
tells you that is the type of hall effect sensor that has a pemanent magnet
attached and is triggered by just a plain metal ziping by it .
intermetall.de/products/overview/sensors/details/sensor4.php    with the
usual www in front .
Jurgen ,

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