[V8] Euro Headlights

Rich Ehlert bkrddrvr at abcinet.net
Wed Sep 15 21:17:08 EDT 2004

I might be in over my head. I have been there before!  My wife has been
complaining about the lack of headlight lumination on our V8 since we
bought it 3 yrs ago.  I bought a Competition Lighting wiring harness and
higher output bulbs, but she still was not happy.  I found and acquired
Euro lights, in good shape, and am attempting to install them.. I have
copies of euro light wiring diagram, thanks Kneale, Dave, & Jeremy!  Can
I use the Competions harness to connect, per instructions, and, from
experience, what is the "best" - "easiest" way to attach the wires to
the Euro connects?
The LIST has always been a great source of information, and although I
don't contribute any thing, I appreciate being able to use the
information  provided.  Maybe one ot these days I will get there:
Thanks all
Rich Ehlert
"93 V8Q 111,000 miles and going strong
Spokane, WA

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