[V8] V8 cutting out at about 1800 rpm

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Thu Sep 16 09:47:45 EDT 2004

Before going too far with this, the no-code status should be confirmed.  Can't see a dealer getting none, but I'd want to see it with my own eyes.  A bad hall sensor and/or distributor and/or distributor cap all throw hall sensor codes.  So do the flywheel sensors.

If confirmed 4444, then (and only then) would I move on... right down to my other first thought -- the temp sensor on the back of the head.  I don't recall if the wire for it passes near those of the flywheel sensors where they could have been buggered.

And speaking of which, has there been any report back on the flywheel teeth (or hopefully not lack thereof)?


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> Maybe they changed something on later models (mine is an early 1989
> build), but I forgot to connect the hall sender after doing a timing
> belt, and drove around with it disconnected for more than a 
> week, with no
> noticeable problems except for some lack of power.  Mike L of 
> this list
> drove around for a while with a bad hall sensor in one of his V8Q's.  
> On the V8Q, I vaguely recall a past thread about how no hall sensor
> signal will back the timing 16 degrees (maybe 20..going from 
> memory), and
> disable the knock sensors. 
> On the 5 cylinder type 44's, the car won't start at all with 
> a bad hall
> sensor, it's job is TDC #1 reporting at startup which has to match the
> reference pin position. 
> The hall sensors might still be available separately.  If 
> someone (braver
> than I) wants to weed through the V8Q archives, I recall a 
> thread on the
> subject in which a Qlister (hopefully reading this) found the 
> hall sensor
> kit from some VW application was a direct replacement for the V8Q hall
> sensor.
> http://www.geocities.com/cobramsri/
> "Alan Kramer" <ackramer at hotmail.com> writes:
> > It's your hall sensor (in the passenger side distributor).   BTDT, 
> > exact symptoms you describe.  Rebuilt ones can be obtained 
> from your 
> > favorite worldpac supplier.  New distributors are NLA.
> > 
> > Alan
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