[V8] V8 cutting out at about 1800 rpm Hall sensor

GLBPRO glbpro at centurytel.net
Fri Sep 17 09:58:09 EDT 2004

Here is the latest on the  v8 cutting out at 1800. They have been able 
to get it to through a code (cam position) I think this may be the hall 
sensor. I feel strongly it not the dist. cap rotors or wire as they have 
all been replaced with new and we have the same results as the old. The 
v8 does not loose power as some of the post indicate, - it cuts out hard 
when above 1800. As for the fly wheel teeth - man I hope they are all 
there! Thanks for all the thoughts - I'll let the list know when it's 
running well again. I want it back before the snow - wahooooo!

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