[V8] Front axle removal ?????

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Mon Sep 20 15:28:12 EDT 2004

Kneale Brownson <knotnook at traverse.com> writes:
> I'm preparing to remove the right front axle on our 90 V8 #1 
> following the manual's skimpy directions.  

Take the axle bolt out.  Then remove the balljoint bolt (replace with new
one), with both front wheels hanging use a large bar or piece of pipe to
push down on the balljoint and pop it out.  Once it's out, all you have
to do is swing the strut out of the way and the front of the CV will be
free.  To loosen the inner bolts, either use an impact gun, or use a pair
of vice grips to hold the axle while you undo the bolts.  As with all
such allen bolts, hammer in the socket to make sure it's bottomed out on
the bolt before loosening.  There are plenty of  write ups in the
archives, basically all the same for the type 44's.

I've never replaced the inner gasket on any of my type 44's, never had
them seep grease afterwards, but it won't hurt to change it.  FWIW-I've
always meant to change the inner gasket, just always forget to buy it
before I get things apart.

Since the speed sensor doesn't actually touch the axle, I've never
removed them to change CV boots or axles.  The one time we had to move
the ABS sensor (rear bearing on fellow lister Ed's V8Q), pushed it back
in till it touched the reference marks and backed it off a hair.  ABS
computer was happy.


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